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Fred PetersenFred Petersen

Flight Instructor

Fred Petersen has been flying professionally for over 40 years.  During that time he has served as the Corporate Chief Pilot for a Silicon Valley information technologies company and was flying company executives throughout the continental United States. 

Fred was also a Chief Pilot for an FAA Part 141 approved flight school and accumulated over 2,000 hours instructing in that capacity.  Fred has airline transport pilot (ATP) single and multi-engine ratings as well as CFI, CFII and MEI endorsements.


Fred took a break from aviation and entered into real estate development.  Fred missed the enjoyment of flying and instructing and joined MountainHouse Aviation in April 2014. 


Fred is a rare breed in that he is modest about his accomplishments and made his living flying airplanes.  This translates into Fred having to be at the top of his game every time he went to work.  Fred joines MHA with over 8,000 hours of flying time.  Welcome aboard, Fred!


A Note From Fred:

My only interest is that my students successfully complete their training and become safe, proficient pilots. Although I follow a syllabus, it is flexible enough to allow for the inevitable variations in student learning rates. I am also upfront about the costs and time required for the training. Because cost and time are significant factors, training needs to be efficient without a lot of wasted motion. The worst thing that can happen is that a student is not prepared for the demands of the training and quits before the check ride.

I do a lot of scenario based training, during which the student benefits from all the mistakes I have made in my flying career. I want the students to have the benefit of my experience. I am insistent that the student becomes expert at risk management and Aeronautical Decision Making. It is one thing to fly an airplane, it is quite another to fly it professional manner. I want to see that professionalism during pre-flight and in the cockpit.