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Jeff VanderMeulen and his wife KathyJeff VanderMeulen  

Owner, MountainHouse Aviation

Jeff VanderMeulen, owner of MountainHouse Aviation, has been interested in aviation since childhood. He began taking flying lessons in 1994 at Concord's Buchanan Field, but the experience was not a positive one. The aircraft was small and uncomfortable and the seats could not be adjusted for seat height so his view out the cockpit was blocked by the instrument panel. The instructor was less than enthusiastic and Jeff's questions appeared to be annoying the instructor. End of lessons.

 Fast forward to 2007 when Jeff and his wife, Kathy, moved to Amador County and Jeff saw an advertisement for flight instruction by local flight instructor Bill Woodbury. He took an introductory lesson and was hooked. He purchased an airplane, completed his flight training and obtained his private pilots’ license.

In May 2010, Jeff founded MountainHouse Aviation with a goal of providing safe, courteous flight instruction, highest quality aircraft rental, and beautiful scenic flights of Amador County.