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FAA requirements for flight trainingFlight Training with MountainHouse Aviation

The decision to start taking flying lessons usually comes after months, or even years, of careful thought. Often, the financial and time demands of flight training cause would-be pilots to put off that first flight until the time seems better.

If you're ready to take the first step toward earning that Private Pilot certificate, or perhaps that Instrument Rating you've been putting off for years, MHA offers several distinct advantages:

By training with MHA, you'll get the devoted, personalized attention that comes from training with a small group. MHA's two Certified Flight Instructors bring decades of experience to your flight training, and will ensure that your training includes operations within busy airspace and unfamiliar airports. Once trained with an MHA flight instructor, you will be a safe, competent pilot, qualified to operate the aircraft in the National Airspace System with skill and confidence.

A Word About Costs
Reports from flight schools around the country indicate that the national average amount of flight time required to gain a Private Pilot Certificate is 50-60 hours (far more than the 40 hours required by the FAA). Consequently, the average student will spend approximately $10,000 getting their Certificate. Students who adapt more quickly to the flight environment will spend less. Flight training is a major investment and should be approached as a serious endeavor. Students are encouraged to consider costs realistically and to plan their training accordingly.

Most pilots feel that their investment in training was more than worthwhile. Flying opens up an entire new world of experiences and travel opportunities, and fulfills a lifetime dream for many.