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Spring/Summer 2016 MHA News


Boeing, producer of some of the world's most technologically advanced aircraft, predicts the industry will need to attract more than one million new pilots and technicians over the next 20 years to keep those aircraft flying. Approximately 400,000 of those positions are anticipated for the U.S. market alone.

Since English is the mandated language for commercial aviation, many foreign airlines send their pilots to the United States for their primary flight training. For anyone seeking a career in commercial aviation, now is the time to act. Let MountainHouse Aviation help you along your commercial aviation career path. Instruction is available up to and including Multi-Engine Instrument ratings for that leap to Airline Transport Pilot so you can realize your dreams!  If you're already a CFI, with or without students, and you're looking for a training platform consider MountainHouse Aviation.  As a CFI at MountainHouse Aviation, you keep what you earn. You'll have access to our four place Piper Warrior II for your VFR/IFR students with maintenance and upkeep costs covered by MHA. All instructors are independent contractors so income tax witholding is the responsibility of the instructor. Instructors at MountainHouse Aviation are paid $40.00 per hour for VFR instruction and $45.00 per hour for IFR instruction and BFR's. Our rates are the most competitive in the region.

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Spring 2016 MHA News

Better Weather = More Flying!
Spring is a great time to fly, with good weather, improved visibilities, smoother air, and generally-less coastal fog for those fun Santa Barbara and Monterey weekends! Need some recurrent training or a BFR before the flying season gets into full swing? Contact us today.

Anybody know of a well-maintained airplane that could be put on the MHA flight line as a leaseback? There could be substantial tax advantages to leasing an airplane to MHA, and we'd love to have more planes to fly. We'd really like a multi-engine plane, like an Apache or Seneca, or maybe an LSA, but a nice 4--place single would be great to have, too. Anyway, if you're a plane owner and would like to explore the possibilities of turning your airplane into an income stream, or at least lower your cost of ownership, call Jeff Vandermeulen at 209/295-7761

Fred Petersen Joins Instructor Team
Welcome Fred Petersen, CFII, as the latest addition to the MHA team. For information about training, BFRs or IPCs, call Fred at 209/601-0058.

Need a Flight Review? Recurrent Training?
Licensed pilots and students alike need training on a consistent basis to stay sharp and safe. If you'd like to brush-up on crosswinds, GPS navigation, flying into highly-controlled airspace, or any other "weak spot" in your skills, call
Jeff at 209/295-7761 or Fred at 209/601-0058.

Ideas Needed
What aviation activity would you like to see at MHA? Poker Run? Rally? Advanced training (emergencies, survival, basics for spouses)? Give us your ideas, we'll see if we can make them come to life.

Have Fun  -  Be Safe  -  Don't Do Nothin' Dumb

Instruction is provided by independent flight instructors,
not by MountainHouse Aviation.