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Jeff VanderMeulenAbout Us

The mission of MountainHouse Aviation is to promote safe, efficient aviation to the surrounding community, and to provide cost-effective flight training and airplane rental services to the flying public.

Though we are based at Jackson's Westover Field, MountainHouse Aviation aircraft rental and training services are available at all neighboring airports (Calaveras, Stockton, Lodi, and Placerville, to name a few). In other words, if it's more convenient for us to come to you than for you to travel to Jackson, that's just what we'll do.

In addition to flying, MHA pilots and students enjoy scheduled social activities, like barbecues and educational events, and families are encouraged to participate in these activities. In addition, organized fly-outs to scenic or interesting destinations are a major part of the MHA calendar, enabling pilots, students, and ride-alongs alike to enjoy the fun and convenience of general aviation.

Ross AndersonWhether you're an experienced pilot with many hundreds or thousands of flight hours in your logbook, or a non-pilot searching for a friendly place to do your flight training, MountainHouse Aviation  has something for everyone.

Why Start Your Flight Training With MHA?

MountainHouse Aviation is the only full-service flight training/aircraft rental fixed base operation in the Amador-Calaveras county area.

We own our training and rental aircraft which means we pay close attention to maintenance and upkeep.  We work closely with Tim Earl Aviation Services, the only aircraft maintenance and inspection business at Westover Field.


And since we have a lot on our plate, we are also fully insured for flight training, aircraft rental, scenic flights and aerial cremains scattering.


If you're flying with another instructor, take the time to ask him or her about their insurance.  Instructors aren't required to be insured so some aren't.


Most instructors can't afford the cost or don't want the added responsibility of owning, operating and insuring their own airplanes for flight training.  Many instructors are affiliated with flying clubs which are minimally insured and offer high-time aircraft that are often in need of repair and may spend as much time on the ground as they do in the air.


Remember the old adage, ' you get what you pay for.'


Give MountainHouse Aviation a try.  We don't think you'll be disappointed.


References are available upon request.