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Welcome to MountainHouse Aviation!   

An Association of Pilots and Students Devoted to Safe, Efficient Flying

MountainHouse Aviation is dedicated to making your flying and training as safe, fun, and economical as possible. We know that flying is competing with a lot of other exciting activities at your disposal. Our goal is to equip you with the aircraft, training, and events that will enable you get the very most from your flying dollar!


February, 2017

After seven years in operation, MountainHouse Aviation is closing its doors.

The decline of the General Aviation pilot population, interest in persons
becoming private pilots and the costs to do so are a few reasons for our closure.

Insurance and maintenance costs have been creeping upwards and without a
sustained client base to offset these expenses the airport office was closed
as a cost cutting measure. The results of this was too little, too late.

As of this writing, all flight operations will be suspended indefinitely.

If there is a way to resume operations that will support a flight training
program, MHA will make an announcement via this website.
Thank you for your patronage.

Jeff VanderMeulen, owner
Fred Petersen, CFII
MountainHouse Aviation